Just Throw It In

11 Sep

Crock-potting is so easy, why hadn’t I gotten into this before? It frees up a lot of cooking time and lets me spend time with the family. My husband tries his best to make my life easier so I can spend more time with him and Mantou when he comes home from work, rather than finding me in the kitchen. For this particular recipe he even had all the ingredients set out for me with the measuring cups and instructions before he left for work. This recipe is called “Slow Cooked Szechuan Beef, Scallop, and Peppers” and I have no idea how my husband happened to find this recipe. I just remember the post-it notes and gathering of ingredients on the counter.

A 1/4 measuring cup was bunched with a gathered pile:
  • stalks of green onion
  • bottle of Tamari wheat-free soy sauce
  • a carrot (next to a grater)
  • an unopened can of water chestnuts (with the can opener next to it)

“Slice” written on a post-it note with one arrow pointing down to the pile of produce:

  • a red bell pepper
  • a green bell pepper
  • an onion
And one arrow pointing up to the mushrooms
A  measuring cup for 1 cup sat on top of a frozen bag of home-made chicken broth defrosting on a plate
A teaspoon lay next to the white pepper and salt

Lastly a post-it note on the crock pot itself – “Don’t forget the beef and fish in the fridge”

I should have taken a picture of the setup because it just made me laugh out loud when I saw it all arranged in the kitchen like this. But it did save time near dinner time, all I had to prepare was a couple cups of steamed white rice. In the end it was a decent meal but probably not one we will repeat again. How can I explain the reason why… well it was a dish I would find myself eating using Uncle Ben’s instant rice. Does that explain it without getting myself in trouble?


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