Soy Milk Maker

30 Dec

Two years ago we made a deal with my sister and brother that we would not give gifts for each other. Then we thought… well dear brother is still young so we’ll still give him a gift. Well that Christmas, my sister still bought me and RedDuck gifts. She considered them small but we didn’t get them anything, nada! So this year even though we said we still weren’t going to buy each other gifts, I went out and bought my sister and brother-in-law something small. I knew she would buy us something again. And I was right! She bought us a soy milk maker!

We now own a Soyajoy G3 Soy Milk Maker. The instructions said to clean it first so that it would remove any metalic taste from the machine’s first use. I filled water to between the min and max water line, added a drop of liquid soap detergent, plugged it in, pressed the nuts/beans button and let it do it’s work. When I can around there were soap suds surrounding the pot. I was kind of put off since the machine has a sensor, it should shut off when it overflows, right? Anyway, it was fine and I rinsed it and dried it to start my first soy milk making experience.

And then I read you have to soak the soybeans for 6-10 hours. Geez, that’s a long time… that’s why people soak the beans the night before and make milk in the mornings. So I measured out the approximate beans and soaked them in water. That was 11:30 AM. I went back to it after putting Mantou to bed around 8:00 PM. I added the water in between the min and max water line, added the beans, plugged it in, pressed the nuts/beans button and let it do it’s work, again. I went to watch an episode of The Office and about 2 minutes before the episode was finished, I hear a beeping sound. The soy milk was done! Well not quite, I still have to sieve off the soybean pulp so I used the strainer over the plastic container that they provided and slowly poured the hot soy milk into the container. I pressed the pulp to get as much soy milk out of them. Then I let it cool.

When it was cool enough I tasted it without adding any sugar. There was a slight “egg” taste but I had read about that in the Amazon review. It wasn’t very strong. We poured the milk into mason jars and put it in the fridge. The next day when we went to open the container the egg fume filled our nostrils. At first it was a bit much but our noses quickly adjusted and my husband thought it was great with a bit of sugar in his cereal.

Now we just have to make sure Mantou isn’t allergic to soy. We had been giving him soy milk in his bag for day care. I had noticed that the area around his mouth was red. Since soy milk was the only “new” thing we had given him it might be the culprit. The redness has gone but RedDuck thinks we should re-introduce the soy milk and watch if the redness appears again. It seams though that if it is a soy reaction, it doesn’t bother him except for the physical redness.

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