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Red Duck Soup

29 Jul

Eating out at an Asian restaurant I already know there is a limit to what I can order. For example, most of the items at a Chinese or Korean restaurant include entrees that are soy sauce based. Vietnamese and Thai  foods usually have peanuts sprinkled here and there. I’ve already experienced slim pickings so whenever someone bends over backwards to make sure they can serve you, I am really thankful.  Take this with a grain of salt, as I’m sure there are restaurants out there that will claim to not allow the allergens to co-mingle with your food but actually do allow it. A friend of mind shared a story with me about his cousin who was allergic to many foods. His cousin talked to the waitstaff and explained to them of her allergies. They said they would not use any of those ingredients, however when the food came and she took a bite, she immediately had an allergic reaction. I don’t know what happened and I’m sure these stories occur frequently.

Since I am not the one directly affected by allergies, I can only offer what I think is an amazing restaurant in my area that accommodates my diet. Every time I’ve come to order, the owner is very helpful in providing us with almost customized meals. She doesn’t rush us to order as she helps determine what entrees would be safe. Considering that she’s a busy person with many customers, her service is beyond A+. I’m talking about a tiny little restaurant off of San Mateo Ave called Thaiger Thai Kitchen. Before, this place was a “What’s UP Dog” hot dog stand that lasted a few months, and before that it was vacant for a long time. Their location is actually a little odd right in the outskirts of the auto mall. However, because of their delicious food and high Yelp reviews this place will probably be sticking around a lot longer – and that’s a good thing.

We’ve gotten their salmon and pumpkin curry in the past which our friends had today. My husband and I shared a duck and pineapple curry and we also had a stir-fry veggie dish (green and red bell peppers, stringbeans, tofu, garlic and fish sauce). The veggies dish is somewhat of a custom dish because they substituted fish sauce instead of using soy sauce. I remember the first time she suggested this dish she told us that it would be stinky. I laughed since I’m familiar with fish sauce and knew what she meant, however it was so delicious we asked for it again. It is good to know that there are restaurants who will listen and offer suggestions for making your diet work especially when the food tastes so good.

So what’s up with the title of this post, Red Duck Soup? Well we had red curry with duck tonight and it triggered a story – It’s actually an internal family joke that haunts my husband. When my husband (then boyfriend) came over to my parents for dinner one evening, my mom brought home some Chinese bbq pork and roasted duck. My mom tells him that she bought some duck. My husband having not eaten roasted duck before eats a piece, but wasn’t really into it. He takes a piece of the red meat next to it and really enjoys it. He tells us that the red duck is really good. We all look at him and wonder what he’s talking about since there is no red duck. We then realize he was talking about the Chinese bbq pork. So whenever we have bbq pork we call it red duck and laugh.