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Minty Fresh

27 Aug

It’s another ice cream post! I made a mint chip ice cream using fresh mint, coconut milk, and . . . an avocado! My husband’s favorite ice cream flavor is mint chip so I found a recipe online from a fellow blogger with similar food allergies to Mantou. Her recipe is called “Fresh Mint Ice Cream (Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Vegan, Cane-Sugar-Free)”  I think this one’s a keeper but I will have to halve the recipe next time since my ice cream maker only makes up to 1 1/4 quarts of ice cream. I am able to make 2 batches of ice-cream with this recipe.

Some other notes:

Mint: The recipe called for 2 cups of mint leaves and stems. It is pretty potent stuff so I wouldn’t put as much mint in next time. I would probably use a little less than a cup of mint when I make it again.

Coconut milk: For reference, one can of coconut milk was 13.5 oz. I had bought a huge can of coconut milk at the grocery store and had put them in separate glass jars. So I had no idea what a can of coconut milk would be. In total I used about 37.5 ounces.

Agave syrup: This is my first time using this stuff. I bought a container of organic brown agave syrup from Marshalls the other day and it came in handy. I think 1 cup was a good amount. I also saw that Costco is selling agave syrup so I will have to pick some up next time.

Avocado: Adds creaminess and good fat as opposed to the coconut milk fat 🙂 Used half an avocado but it gives the mint ice cream its natural “green” color.

Chocolate chips: I thought the chocolate chips were a bit too big alone so I chopped/shaved them before putting in the mix. I added some whole ones just to do a compare. Chopping the chocolate chips was a a good idea.

Refrigerate overnight: I let the mix of coconut milk, agave and mint cool in the refrigerator overnight. I had enough patience to wait!

So what is the overall outcome? We let the ice cream settle in the freezer for a few hours before eating it. When we scooped it, it actually felt like scooping ice cream rather than a big brick of ice (which was the case with my mango, purple yam ice cream). We were surprised with the big mint flavor but after the first bite the mint flavor did die down a little. Those taste buds were working overtime!

Mantou’s reaction? He kind of squinted his eyes at first, like he just ate something sour. His reaction was due probably from the burst of mint flavor, but we think he liked it because he asked for more.