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Don’t Forget Your Special Request

20 Jul

Today is my wedding anniversary and if those are curious it’s the year for leather. I know this because my husband is really good with following the tradition of gifts that follow the anniversary year. When I think leather, I think handbag. When my husband thinks leather… well let’s just say it’s a little risque. It was fortunate that he ended finding a beautiful breakfast tray with pressed leather handmade from somewhere in Peru. He surprised me with breakfast in bed atop my beautiful new gift. What he cooked up for me was even more fantastic. He made me a tofu scramble with spinach, onions, and red bell peppers and a side of home fries. It was a masterpiece and a very good meal. I wish I could have more anniversaries! I LOVE my husband!!!

For dinner we made reservations at a French restaurant in Belmont called The Iron Gate. We had come here before when Mantou was in the bun and I remember not being able to eat the steak cooked as I would normally get it because I read that it was best to have steaks cooked well-done if pregnant. So this time I wanted to get beef done medium rare!

Well, what I failed to do was review their menu before coming here. There was not very many items on the menu that were wheat-free (breaded) or dairy-free (butter, cream sauce,¬†cheesy). I had found a steak on the menu that didn’t mention any of the allergens and hoped for the best. It was a delicious and satisfying meal, but now I’m worried about how Mantou will be tomorrow after I nurse him! Ugh, I feel awful that I didn’t do my research before hand to review the ingredients with the restaurant beforehand. Nor did I let the waiter know ahead of time what my dietary needs were. Though we passed on their desserts but because it was our anniversary, the waiter came by with a vanilla ice cream sundae with strawberries and two candles. My husband and I laughed since it was something I couldn’t eat but we felt obligated to dig in a little so while my husband ate the ice cream, I ate the strawberries.