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13 Oct

Tofu quiche! Isn’t that a cool concept – no egg, no dairy, and completely vegan. But those who know me will attest that I am no vegan, I am very much a carnivore. My mom didn’t even think my husband (who was my boyfriend at the time) and my relationship would last because he was a vegetarian. Apparently he liked me enough to change his ways and started consuming meat. I did not request this, maybe I influenced it a little bit since I enjoy sharing meals, but he made this change on his own.

Well for this particular recipe, I did not add any animal product but may think about adding bacon or ham next time.

The recipe is called “Mini Crustless Tofu Quiche” from the Fat Free Vegan Kitchen. (Her picture of the final product is actually more appetizing. I never have good light). I had to go out to buy some of the ingredients like nutritional yeast but I thought the end product was very good. The quiches were light and airy so be prepared to double or triple the batch.

The blended combination of tofu, soymilk, cornstarch, and tahini created a consistency of eggs while the tumeric gives it that yellow tinge. The nutritional yeast gives the quiche its “cheesey” taste. Adding the bellpeppers, onions, garlic, and rosemary made the whole thing look more like a quiche. I wonder if this can be modified to a Quiche Lorraine? Too bad the nutritional yeast doesn’t come in different “cheesy” flavors.

Hawaii in Tahoe

15 Aug

On our last night in Lake Tahoe my family wanted to go down to Stateline to enjoy a last hurrah of a meal together. It’s kind of tradition to go for a buffet. The “best” one in Tahoe at least for the views is at the Harrah’s casino. Usually I would jump at the occasion, especially since my little brother said he would pick up the check. But was it worth the $26.99/person price?

In the end my husband and I just couldn’t justify the price of the meal. For one thing we weren’t sure what food items we would be able to eat. Even though my sister called ahead to get an itemized menu and all of it sounded really good. I really wanted to go with the family since it would have been our only night out.

Instead we went to a “Hawaiian, American” restaurant on the California side called Freshies Restaurant and Bar. I wouldn’t call it Hawaiian fare per se but the atmosphere was really tropical and fresh. I even ordered a very refreshing tropical sounding drink called the Tahitian Limeade – coconut juice with limeade. The outside deck was awesome, it was a great day and we had a good view of the lake.

They were very allergy-friendly and it wasn’t difficult to order. We had kimchi – which was very spicy but good and the My tri-fries – (yams, sweet potatoes, Russet potatoes) sprinkled with a Caribbean spice. By the way they use Organic Rice Bran Oil, never even heard of it before.

For the entree, I had two fish tacos (one grilled, the other fried). I was going to get both grilled but the waitress told me that they used brown rice flour in the batter so I switched it up a bit. They were both wrapped in two corn tortillas, with tomatos and lettuce. Delicious! My husband got the Sweet Potato and Quinoa Griddle Cakes which were served with coconut and maple syrup glaze, another great dish!

Unfortunately, we did not get to order from the dessert menu. All their items had an ingredient we were trying to avoid. Our waitress almost got me to get their brownie since it was wheat-free, dairy-free, and nut-free… but alas it had eggs.

It was a great restaurant choice and I’m glad I found it!