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Steel Cut Oats

5 Jan

My friend lives in Connecticut and I had invited myself over to visit her before we visited my in-laws for Christmas. (Hey it’s along to way, isn’t it ? kind of but no really – we had to fly into Chicago with a 2 hour layover. Then when we went to m in-laws we had to stop in Baltimore for 3 hours. At least when we flew back home we had a 2 hour layover in Vegas). Before coming out she asked me what we usually ate for breakfast and was trying to her best to accommodate our allergen-free diet. I told her that we ate oatmeal for most mornings, so on our first morning there she made us some steel cut oats. I can’t say it was my first time eating it but still that stuff is so delicious. We had it the following morning too! When I got home I made sure to pick some up at the store. It’s just so unfortunate that it takes a half hour to cook. I rather sleep in, haha.

Leggo My Wheat-free, Dairy-free, Egg-free Waffle

9 Sep

A few posts back I had asked if anyone had suggestions on getting us out of our breakfast rut. Mantou did not seem interested in his oatmeal anymore. So I followed your advice. 1) I added yogurt to his oatmeal. I bought unsweetened soy yogurt; alone Mantou didn’t like the tartness so I had to add a teaspoon of sugar. He took a few spoonfuls of this and that was good enough for me. 2) I found Trader Joe’s wheat-free frozen waffles which are also dairy-free and egg-free. I gave Mantou a toasted waffle for breakfast the next day. He looked like he was into it but after a few bites he started pulling it apart instead of eating much of it. 3) Safeway had a sale on Van’s Natural Foods gluten-free and wheat-free blueberry waffles this past week. I bought them since it had his favorite fruit, blueberries. Again he preferred to pull it apart than eat it.

I think Mantou may have been teething so he was just unhappy with food in general. A few nights ago he kept waking up in the middle of the night. When we went in to check on him he was sitting in his crib with his finger in his mouth.  I think the brunt of his teething pain has subsided so he is his happy self again and is fine with eating his oatmeal again. But I will continue with alternating breakfast items and figure out what other things I can give him.

Boring Breakfast

23 Aug

I need new ideas for breakfast. I think Mantou has finally reached his limit on eating the same breakfast day in and day out. No longer does he eagerly open his mouth for the next spoonful of oatmeal. I really don’t blame him. I didn’t really like oatmeal for the longest time. I don’t believe I even ate oatmeal regularly until this year.

I’ve even tried to dress up his oatmeal a bit with fruit. But this little boy will pick out the fruit! I have to alternate letting him eat some fruit and then practically stuffing a spoonful of oatmeal in after he takes a few chews.

So, I need ideas for quick and easy breakfasts, care to share?