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18 Aug

Mantou LOVES berries. There’s a picture on the blog where his face is covered with blackberry remnants from his hands as he shoveled them to his mouth. His favorite berry by far is the blueberry. We used to cut them in quarters and give them to him but he’s perfectly fine grabbing these berries whole and stuffing them into his mouth.

Mantou learned how to say blueberry rather quickly. Probably because he liked them so much and wanted more. He signs “more” forcefully and says “boo-bear” at the same time. He says the two syllables together fast and jumbled so it is really very cute to hear. I have yet to get him saying blueberry on video though.

At the grocery store he spotted the berries in the produce section. He moved his body in that direction, signed “more”, and pointed to them. When I placed them in the back of the cart he almost had a fit! He wanted them right there, right now. I was able to calm him down a bit and move his attention to something else, but he kept looking towards the back of the cart. Even when I put them on the checkout conveyor belt, Mantou was determined to get a blueberry.

Blueberries are great portable snacks and packed with antioxidants. However as I had learned recently, I will not give too many at one time. I’m going to say it came out rather messy on the other end.

So get your blueberries now, pack them in the freezer for the future because we’re approaching the end of blueberry season!