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MMM… Delicious

22 Jul

When I first started removing wheat from my diet I had major cravings for carbs – you know the stuff that is sold in stores made of wheat flour.  Since then I learned that there are plenty of processed snacks sold at stores that I can eat. Unfortunately I find myself in those snacking aisles a lot more than I should be. However now that I also follow some of the bloggers with similar allergens, they are so good at tempting me to eat sweet sugary snacks, like cookies, brownies, cakes, and ice cream that I can make at home.  It’s amazing what snacks they can make. I drool over the pictures… seriously they seem like really good cooks and/or really good food photographers! When I read the recipes they post I think,  “I can totally do that”. Very cool! Anyhow, I say I’ll try them but I end up not re-creating the recipe mostly becaue I have not yet invested in all the different flours and substitute ingredients – therefore I shop in the snack aisle. So, what I do now is bookmark these bloggers websites. I use a online bookmarking site called Delicious ( isn’t that appropriate for me?).  I can tag and categorize them so that I can find my favorite websites. Go and visit my bookmarks at http://www.delicious.com/mantousmom. Otherwise you can find the Delicious link at the footer of my blog. As I come across websites that share recipes, tips, product reviews that are devoted to eating allergen free, I will do my best to bookmark them here to share with others as well.