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Family Values

28 Aug

My family is 100% awesome! They have been making sure that Mantou and I are able to have something to eat when going out. Last week my brother took us out to Sweet Tomatoes and today we ate out at a Chinese restaurant, as well as had a bbq meal ala chef Papa.

I picked Sweet Tomatoes over Hometown buffet thinking that I would have more options at a salad bar. Now that I have gone to Sweet Tomatoes though I don’t know if there would be much of a difference in options. The pre-made salads had either nuts, cheese, raisins, grapes, croutons, or noodles. So I stuck with making my own salad. Apparently you can ask for their ingredient menu but I didn’t know of this till after coming here. I couldn’t eat much from the hot food bar except for the soups and a baked potato. We ate their lentil soup and chili beans. Too bad their veggie dish was cooked with butter. Mantou was not a fan of the rice pilaf.

At lunch today we went to a Chinese restaurant and my mom made it clear with the waitress that Mantou and I could not eat anything with soy sauce, peanuts, walnuts, and flour. We had to double-check that the salt and pepper prawns were made with corn starch (which it was). Plus we got a boiled chicken with ginger and garlic. Everyone else shared a dish of chow mien, sweet and sour pork chops, Chinese broccoli with Chinese bacon, and pork with bamboo shoots.

Mantou napped after lunch right into dinner. My dad put a slab of tri-tip on the grill and my mom pan-fried some red snapper fillets.  The kids were probably full from our late lunch so they only ate a few morsels. However, we spent it together out on the deck, enjoying the nice summer weather.

Ah, how I love spending time with family. They love us so much and watch out for us as much as they can – Feeling the Love once again 🙂