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A New Christmas Cookie

26 Dec

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was yet another great one. We celebrated with my husband’s side of the family earlier this month. So it has been quite a stretched out period, and we got our Christmas presents out of the way for the most part. Mantou has 9 cousins from that side of the family. My parents celebrate on the day of Christmas so we had a feast at their house. Both meals were made with care and were great as usual. Though I didn’t make any dishes this year, I did help a little in the kitchen. I helped with baking cookies!

At my in-laws, I used the pre-packagedĀ chocolateĀ chip cookie dough from King Arthur Flour and added some cranberries and coconut. The cookies came out pretty flat and crumbly. They had to be completely cool before lifting off the baking sheet and still needed delicate handling- I broke a few of them. They were good enough to snack on when we had our cookies after opening the stockings. I might add some orange zest in that combo if I make it again. My mother-in-law found a recipe for cranberry coconut cookies in the newspaper that evening and in the recipe they had orange zest as an ingredient. I think that would have worked well with the cookie. I think the kids were expecting chocolate chip cookies though and got a surprise mouthful of dried cranberries… so warn the kids first.

I made a shortbread cookie from an online recipe for Christmas with my parents. It only had 4 ingredients, plus the jam that I used to make thumbprint cookies. Though I was waiting for them to brown, they didn’t quite do so, giving the cookie a pale look. It was ok because the little jewel of jam gave it color. They tasted great and I would make them again next year since they are so easy and require 4 ingredients, cornstarch, rice flour, butter (used Earth’s Balance), and confectioners sugar…. no milk, no eggs! The recipe I used is from called Gluten-free Melt-in-your-mouth Shortbread.

My friend just gave me a frosting set as a Christmas gift, maybe next time I will make sugar-cookies with cute frosting designs šŸ™‚

PB Cookie Substitute

5 Aug

Made my first batch of sunflower butter cookies tonight. I followed this recipeĀ close enough except for theĀ substitutionsĀ of all-purpose flour (Bob’s Red Mill GF Flour Mix + 1/4 tsp xanthan gum), butter (margarine) and 1 large egg (3 tablespoon of unsweetened apple sauce, 1 tsp of baking powder). And I forgot about theĀ cinnamonĀ sugar sprinkle till it was already in the oven.

Look: When I took them out of the oven they didn’t quite look like the usual crispy, flakey peanut butter cookie. They almost looked like cookie-sized cakes because they were more “fluffy”.Ā The fork indentations were hardly there, like they were swallowed up by the batter during the baking. Maybe I needed to make deeper fork criss-crosses.

Texture: The edges were brown and crispy but the centers were fluffy.Ā The fluffyness may come from the baking powder for my egg substitute. I’ve used purely applesauce (1/4 cup) without the baking soda before when I baked chocolate chip cookies. This egg substitute was mentioned in Living Without Magazine so I tried it instead. I should have stuck with plain applesauce.

Taste: Still tastes pretty good but not a 1:1 for a peanut butter cookie. I think the flour mix is a bit heavy on the garbanzo bean. The generalĀ consensusĀ is thatĀ bean flours can taste a little metallic. I’ll have to start putting together my own flour mix just to experiment with taste.

Conclusion: Good start for finding the best sunflower butter cookie recipe that will replace my peanut butter cookies, but will need to experiment more with the egg substitution and flour mixes.