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13 Oct

Tofu quiche! Isn’t that a cool concept – no egg, no dairy, and completely vegan. But those who know me will attest that I am no vegan, I am very much a carnivore. My mom didn’t even think my husband (who was my boyfriend at the time) and my relationship would last because he was a vegetarian. Apparently he liked me enough to change his ways and started consuming meat. I did not request this, maybe I influenced it a little bit since I enjoy sharing meals, but he made this change on his own.

Well for this particular recipe, I did not add any animal product but may think about adding bacon or ham next time.

The recipe is called “Mini Crustless Tofu Quiche” from the Fat Free Vegan Kitchen. (Her picture of the final product is actually more appetizing. I never have good light). I had to go out to buy some of the ingredients like nutritional yeast but I thought the end product was very good. The quiches were light and airy so be prepared to double or triple the batch.

The blended combination of tofu, soymilk, cornstarch, and tahini created a consistency of eggs while the tumeric gives it that yellow tinge. The nutritional yeast gives the quiche its “cheesey” taste. Adding the bellpeppers, onions, garlic, and rosemary made the whole thing look more like a quiche. I wonder if this can be modified to a Quiche Lorraine? Too bad the nutritional yeast doesn’t come in different “cheesy” flavors.

Tofu Kick

7 Oct

I never really thought about all the shapes, sizes, and packages of tofu. There’s those tofu noodles (btw, I had tried making the recipe again 2x now and it doesn’t quite come out like I had it the very first time. This is when I should have put all the ingredient measurements down, but how was I supposed to know that?! ) There’s the tofu tofu – you know the white blocks that are swimming in water found in the refrigerator section… well they come in different firmness; there’s firm, medium firm, soft or silken. And there’s the tofu that comes in the vacuum sealed non-refrigerated section with the same differences in firmness. So there’s also the pressed tofu, it’s usually brown squares or rectangles, packaged without any liquid and vacuum-sealed.

The latest tofu dish I made uses pressed tofu. I found a recipe at Viet World Kitchen called Pressed tofu stir-fry with celery. Substitution wise, I used chili garlic sauce (2 teaspoons of this will be very spicy so be aware!), Tamari for the soy sauce, regular celery instead of the Chinese celery, and vegetable oil instead of the peanut oil. It turned out good but like I mentioned before, tooooo spicy. Though Mantou can handle a little bit of spice, this would have been too hot for him. Serve it with some white rice and maybe a few glasses of water.

Raw, Raw, Tofu in the Raw

17 Aug

I was still pretty lazy about cooking today so I picked up some Japanese food from Suruki Supermarket. After 6 PM they mark 50% off of their hot foods and sushi/sashimi. People line up out the door to get in on the action. This was my first time – we had just walked around central park.

The manager had warned everyone that they were not tolerant of pushing and shoving. I now know why… I cannot compete with the old Chinese ladies. They are pros! One lady was scoping all the food out while the owners were slashing the price tags. She was making commentary on what was what – then when it was time to attack the food, her friends each swarmed to their apparently assigned section and loaded their carts full.(One woman crawled out from under me to get to the sashimi – she should have been caught but alas she was quick).

But besides the little goodies I got from the supermarket I made a cold tofu dish out of tofu “noodles” using Tamari soy, sesame oil, chopped green onions, white pepper, and sesame seeds. Very simple and easy to put together quickly. Mantou enjoyed it and kept opening his mouth for more. My husband even suggested I buy two packages of the tofu noodles for the next time I make this dish so that we would have leftovers for the next day.

Don’t Forget Your Special Request

20 Jul

Today is my wedding anniversary and if those are curious it’s the year for leather. I know this because my husband is really good with following the tradition of gifts that follow the anniversary year. When I think leather, I think handbag. When my husband thinks leather… well let’s just say it’s a little risque. It was fortunate that he ended finding a beautiful breakfast tray with pressed leather handmade from somewhere in Peru. He surprised me with breakfast in bed atop my beautiful new gift. What he cooked up for me was even more fantastic. He made me a tofu scramble with spinach, onions, and red bell peppers and a side of home fries. It was a masterpiece and a very good meal. I wish I could have more anniversaries! I LOVE my husband!!!

For dinner we made reservations at a French restaurant in Belmont called The Iron Gate. We had come here before when Mantou was in the bun and I remember not being able to eat the steak cooked as I would normally get it because I read that it was best to have steaks cooked well-done if pregnant. So this time I wanted to get beef done medium rare!

Well, what I failed to do was review their menu before coming here. There was not very many items on the menu that were wheat-free (breaded) or dairy-free (butter, cream sauce, cheesy). I had found a steak on the menu that didn’t mention any of the allergens and hoped for the best. It was a delicious and satisfying meal, but now I’m worried about how Mantou will be tomorrow after I nurse him! Ugh, I feel awful that I didn’t do my research before hand to review the ingredients with the restaurant beforehand. Nor did I let the waiter know ahead of time what my dietary needs were. Though we passed on their desserts but because it was our anniversary, the waiter came by with a vanilla ice cream sundae with strawberries and two candles. My husband and I laughed since it was something I couldn’t eat but we felt obligated to dig in a little so while my husband ate the ice cream, I ate the strawberries.