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Rye Bread, Hold the Rye

25 Sep

I am every so grateful that there are people out there creating recipes or playing around with recipes and sharing them with me (and the rest of the world). The oasis of free information on the internet and the searchable, quick access to recipes, blogs, discussions, and pictures of food taunt me to try recipes myself. I don’t even think would have started my allergy-free diet with as much emphasis because I wouldn’t have known where to start. This time I made a Ryeless bread. We were actually looking for a rye bread recipe (Mantou has an allergy to wheat – he does not need to avoid other gluten grains) but fell upon this one because we just love Karina’s blog. She has hundreds of recipes and she shares tips for substituting ingredients. We followed the Gluten-Free Goddess’s recipe for “Gluten-Free Ryeless Rye Bread” to the T and it turned out pretty good. It was a similar texture and consistency of the other bread recipe that we made.


One Spicy Town

7 Sep

Again, my husband and I tried making a recipe from the Gluten Free Goddess. We’ll probably be experimenting more with her recipes because she has wheat-free recipes and provides egg-free and dairy-free substitutions as well. She even posts pictures of her recipes so it looks inspiring and delicious. How I can get my stuff to look like hers though is another story.

This time we made an oven bread recipe called Pueblo Bread with Green Chiles. The title of my blog is “One Spicy Town” because pueblo means town (according to Wikipedia pueblo evolved from the Latin word, populus, meaning “town”).

We made it and  it was spicy. I might have added a few too many Serrano chiles, I was following directions which called for 1/2 cup. The texture of the bread was a bit grainy probably because we used polenta style cornmeal instead. We ground our own buckwheat too, not sure if that made a difference to texture. We didn’t include minced onions either so that may have affected the taste. We allowed the dough to rise in the heated oven but I don’t think it was long enough because the dough didn’t double in size, and so probably made the bread dense.

Overall it was edible, but if I had to judge it based on my Yum’s scale on the Munchies page, I would say it was a 1.

Loafing Around

25 Aug

1st attempt making gluten-free bread

We’ve been wanting to make our own bread for a while but didn’t find it necessary to invest in a brand new bread machine. We went to a the second-hand store once and almost bought one but we didn’t get it. Fortunately, a friend who is moving out of the country gave us his (which was also handed down to him from his friend who moved out of the country). It’s a Breadman and I think it’s model TR555LC.

We used the recipe from the Gluten-free Goddess, Karina Allrich, who has an amazing blog with gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free recipes. We actually tried making this particular bread recipe 3 times. My husband made the bread the first time and it came out pretty well, except that it was too salty. Was it because we used kosher salt instead of sea salt? For the second time, I actually helped and well, we forgot to put water in the mix, haha so yeah that was a big FAIL! So the 3rd time my husband made it again. This time he reduced the salt measurement to 1/2 teaspoon. All I had to do was take the bread out of the machine. Hehe, well I didn’t do very well and I kind of smooshed the bread. However, it tasted very good!

The calculated cost of making a loaf of home-made bread comes to $3.69. Food for Life’s brown rice bread and millet bread is about $3.99 at Whole Foods and they are only available in the frozen section. So it’s a pretty good investment as so long as we get it right!