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Beans beans they’re good for your Heart

2 Aug

I’m not a chef, but I can cook well enough to have a satisfying meal. I have about half an hour to get food prepared and ready to serve for dinner. As you know that’s not very long and I don’t put very much time in cooking at all. So I make simple dishes. For veggies, like broccoli or string beans, I usually just steam them then add salt and pepper, serve it on a dish and that’s it. There are no worries about adding any allergens there. Easy right? Well after a while it gets a bit bland and tasteless. Another alternative to cooking veggies is to add it to the wok. Add some garlic in a hot wok let it brown, add the veggies and stir them up every once in a while until tender and done. I try to play it up some times substituting ginger instead of garlic or a little of both. If I want to add sauce I’ll add a bit of sesame oil. To make it a little sweeter I add a dash of Tamari.

I’ve had a few jars of sauces in my refrigerator so I decided to experiment a little. I had a jar of sa-cha sauce and a jar of fermented black bean sauce. These are two sauces that you may not have generally lying around, they are sauces you can buy at an Asian market. I’ve usually use the sa-cha sauce for special hot-pot occasions. It has a bit of a gritty texture from the anchovies. Not sure why I had fermented black bean sauce, I think we might have used it when we were perfecting our mapo tofu recipe. I had some long green beans and decided make a stir-fry with one of those sauces. I ended up picking the black bean sauce over the sa-cha because I wasn’t looking for texture, but more punch to the taste. I sautéed the green beans with garlic slivers then added about 2 teaspoons of the sauce. The green beans turned out very good. I think the sauce added a bit of sweetness to the dish. It will probably become one of my revolving repeatable dishes. I’ll try the sa-cha sauce next time.