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First Aid Preparation

13 Nov

One of the child preparation classes I did not take before Mantou was born was CPR or Basic First Aid. It was not because I didn’t feel the need for them, it was more of trying to find a reasonably priced place and one that covered adult, child, and infant. I thought I could find a class through the local fire department since they had mentioned training classes on their website. After many failed attempts to contact the fire chief, I figured it was a lost cause… probably lack of funding or interest from the county. Then a friend who is a pediatric hospitalist said he would teach me and my husband, but he never got around to it and then decided to go off to Africa for a year. So now Mantou is almost 21 months and I still hadn’t taken any classes.

So I found a deal on Facebook of all places. (Somehow the “deals” on FB doesn’t work now. I tried to print my voucher before going and the system was down. Fortunately, the instructor was ok with the email receipt I got from FB). For $60 I would get both CPR and Basic First Aid, which normally is $60 a pop. I was not very excited about going because it meant going to two different three-hour sessions. My eyes were already crossing.

The instructor, John, from Safety Training Seminars was so awesome and energetic. He made the whole training go by so quickly. I couldn’t even believe the whole 6 hours was up when it was done. My husband and I took the community CPR class first. There were about 6 people in the class so it was nice and small. John was repetitive but not annoying in ingraining what is important for starting CPR. I felt pretty good about it and we got to practice on maniquins.

The second class was the Basic First Aid, with 5 people. This part of the training was mostly by video with occasional “interruptions” by John to emphasize certain parts of the scenarios being shown. We did have a couple of hands-on training opportunities with our classmates (I even got to pretend I had a gun shot wound). The first few minutes of any injury is so vital and important. The section on Allergies and Asthma really got my attention since it’s a valid scenario for my family. It’s not to say that the rest of the scenarios were not equally important; handling poisoning and burns was also eye opening.

I’m very glad I finally had the opportunity to take CPR and First Aid training. I feel pretty confident that if a situation occurs, I could help an individual in those first crucial minutes before the EMS/EMT comes along to take over. I am also more confident that I will know what to do if Mantou or any child is in harms way. Today was a good day!