The Turkey Took Over

1 Dec

I had taken a break from blogging for almost 2 weeks. The Thanksgiving holiday took some time to prepare. I was online searching for the perfect Thanksgiving side dishes to add to my mom’s turkey and ham. I eventually found 4 separate recipes that I wanted to make.

Crescent Rolls

Candied Yams

Corn bread stuffing

Pumpkin Pie with graham cracker crust

I got really excited about making dishes for Thanksgiving, that I started preparing the Monday before Thanksgiving. I roasted and pureed the pumpkin for the pie. On Tuesday, I wanted to start drying out the corn bread for the stuffing and I wanted to get the dough for the rolls to rise. (I should have noticed that my dough did NOT rise at this point, more on this in a bit). On Wednesday I made my pumpkin pie and cornbread stuffing. Then started rolling the rolls into crescents. Thursday morning I made the yams.

For the corn bread, I used Bob’s Red Mill corn bread mix. I also used chicken sausage instead of pork sausage. I think it turned out great. My husband liked it so much he didn’t really want to leave any one else any of the leftovers, but he said that it tasted best on the first day he ate it.

The Candied Yams was the perfect amount. We had about 15 people (3 small children included) and we ate it all. It was easy to make and I would make them again.

This pumpkin pie recipe was a little different from others that I had come across. For one, it used graham crackers for the crust. I found a box of gluten-free graham crackers to use. It also called for a lot of coconut-based ingredients like palm sugar, coconut milk, and coconut oil. It cooked pretty well and came out custardy. When I first ate it there was an overwhelming coconut essence which took some getting used to. Though on the next day and following day when I had a piece, it tasted even better than the first day! I would try this recipe again but with a flaky crust, maybe.

Ok, my major failure was the crescent rolls. They were fun to roll but they really tasted awful. The kids even spit them out! They came out pretty flat which my sister indicated was probably because the yeast didn’t interact and cause the dough to rise. It could also be the all-purpose flour I used; Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-free all-purpose flour has a certain metallic taste from the bean flour they use. This will probably be my last time using the mix. Not sure if it’s worth trying again.

Overall, my family enjoyed the dishes I brought to the table. Even though I told my mom that I was bringing over these dishes, she just is the type to over-do holiday meals, so she made another sweet potato dish, sticky rice (a Chinese tradition), noodles, and potato salad (my brother’s favorite dish). Of course she made everything without wheat, eggs, or dairy (except the potato salad). So the short of it, we had a lot to eat and plenty of leftovers!

We went back the next day to eat turkey porridge… always my favorite after Thanksgiving meal!


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