Happy Cows Live in California

15 Nov

Yes, we did it, bought ourselves a quarter cow. Actually since it was our first time doing so, we decided to find 3 other families and split the 1/4 cow so that means my family only gets 1/16th of a cow. With technicality aside, and finally getting the cow from the butcher and putting those cuts into our freezer, we could actually probably fit 1/8th of a cow in our freezer. Good to know!

So we bought our beef from Chileno Valley Ranch in Petaluma, California. The cows are grass-fed (no corn or grain) without antibiotics or hormones. The process was pretty easy, we just filled out a form online and communicated mostly via email. We ordered it early October and we picked it up from a butcher this past weekend. (Redduck drove about 1.5 hours to the butcher to pick it up. He decided it would have been more worth the trip if he had planned a pit stop at one of the breweries out there.)

One thing I’m not sure about is how the flavor will be since I’m so used to getting commercial beef. I’ve read some people say that the beef is tougher since there is less fat. Oh, will have to experiment with that. If anyone knows how “different” to cook grass-fed beef, please let me know!


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