Not A Spook Out of You

2 Nov

One more year not to worry too much about the aftermath of Halloween. Why? Because Mantou does not realize that those sugary treats that he’d been going door-to-door for, will not be consumed by his little mouth. Last year for Halloween, Mantou dressed up as a little tiger. We went to Stanford Shopping Mall in Palo Alto, CA and met up with my cousin and her little monkey. For the most part, Mantou stayed in his stroller and had no idea what was going on around him. All his little treats were consumed by his parents throughout the following week. 

This year Mantou dressed up as a little purple and green dinosaur. It was a hand-me-down costume from his cousin A. It fit a little snug but did it’s part.

He got to dress up for 3 different occassions. I took him to a shindig at Whole Foods Market to get a picture of him with the pumpkins in costume.  He wasn’t amused. We got a couple of treats at the cheese department but instead of grabbing the cheese snack (since he’s allergic to dairy) we got 2 dark chocolate mini bars.

The 2nd time he dressed in his dino costume was at his cousin C’s birthday party, she so happens to be born on Halloween day – what a day to share with little ghosts and gobblins! No trick-or-treating then since we were celebrating the day before Halloween.

His 3rd time dressing up in costume was on Halloween day. After picking Mantou up from day care I put on his costume, which by this time he was excited to wear, and drove him straight to the mall. The place was already bustling with kids. I didn’t think Mantou would know what to do but this guy was a pro! He went up to one of the scariest costumes, stared at the guy (like a stare down), and the guy gave him candy! So the next store we went to he did the same and that person gave him candy. When we got home, Redduck was back from work he took him across the street from our place to a small court. There were only a few houses giving treats. Mantou did what he learned at the mall and put out his little Frankenstein bag and waited for someone to put a treat in it.

At home I poured out his little stash of candy and started to separate what he I mean me and his dad can eat for him. Out with the chocolate (milk chocolate), out with nutty chocolate bars, out with the toostie rolls (dairy), out with the twizzlers (wheat), out with the silly bands (choking hazard). We did save the couple of lollipops, the banana flavored taffy, peppermint, sweet tarts, sweeties, and stickers. So why did we even go trick-or-treating? Mantou is still too young for sugary sweets anyways, but how can I deprive him of the whole childhood experience. We can’t keep Mantou in a social bubble and I want him to go out and do things like other kids. It’s a matter me being a mom and teaching him what he will have to avoid. So what if he’s only 19 months old… he’s soaking up everything like a sponge so I’m sure he’s taking some notes.


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