8 Oct

This morning Mantou and I trekked out to San Jose, CA for the FAAN Walk for Food Allergy. I had just heard about it earlier this week and wasn’t sure if I could make the event. Fortunately, things worked out and I was able to check it out. There was actually a 5K run earlier that morning held in honor of a young individual who died from an allergic reaction. It was sad to hear that this individual died while on a vacation celebrating his graduation from high school and that his death was due to consuming a chocolate mousse dessert that had trace amount of peanuts. How tragic for the parents to watch their son die in a matter of minutes!

I registered for the walk that morning and donated a little cash to the cause. I was given two ribbons, one green to represent those walking for the cause, and a blue ribbon for Mantou to represent that he had food allergies. We also picked up some celebratory t-shirts (which Mantou was swimming in). They held a raffle with cool prizes and tickets to sporting events like the San Jose Sharks and the San Francisco Giants. There was a dj and other local entertainment. For the kids, there were a couple of jumpy houses, a rock climbing wall, and an interesting looking blown-up ball that a kid can “roll around” in like a hamster. There was a tent set up from Dev which allowed us to register our Epi-Pens and enter into their raffle for an iPad, which I didn’t win. Other vendors included Galaxy Veggie (alternative cream cheese), Sunbutter (alternative of peanut butter spread), quite a few cookie companies -Lucy’s, Enjoy Life, and Home Free. I picked up many free samples and coupons. There were also a couple of local non-profit and for-profit organizations.

The walk itself was supposed to be about 2.5 miles but I don’t think it really was that long. It was easy and mostly flat with only one small hill. I brought along my B.O.B stroller so it was a comfortable stroll. The weather was great for all of us walkers. There were teams of walkers – and I think I should get one going for Mantou next year.

I was a little too eager to get going on the event that I left my car headlights on and when I was ready to leave the event, I was unable to start my car. It took the kindness of strangers and fellow FAAN participants to get my car rolling again. Overall the experience was good, I only wish that there would have been more attendees. But considering I only found out about it via a friend whose friend’s company was one of the sponsors, it probably wasn’t advertised widely enough. I’ve now added the FAAN Bay Area chapter as a friend on Facebook so that I can stay aware of local activities and can now spread the word.


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