Tofu Kick

7 Oct

I never really thought about all the shapes, sizes, and packages of tofu. There’s those tofu noodles (btw, I had tried making the recipe again 2x now and it doesn’t quite come out like I had it the very first time. This is when I should have put all the ingredient measurements down, but how was I supposed to know that?! ) There’s the tofu tofu – you know the white blocks that are swimming in water found in the refrigerator section… well they come in different firmness; there’s firm, medium firm, soft or silken. And there’s the tofu that comes in the vacuum sealed non-refrigerated section with the same differences in firmness. So there’s also the pressed tofu, it’s usually brown squares or rectangles, packaged without any liquid and vacuum-sealed.

The latest tofu dish I made uses pressed tofu. I found a recipe at Viet World Kitchen called Pressed tofu stir-fry with celery. Substitution wise, I used chili garlic sauce (2 teaspoons of this will be very spicy so be aware!), Tamari for the soy sauce, regular celery instead of the Chinese celery, and vegetable oil instead of the peanut oil. It turned out good but like I mentioned before, tooooo spicy. Though Mantou can handle a little bit of spice, this would have been too hot for him. Serve it with some white rice and maybe a few glasses of water.

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