What’s the Skin Knee?

30 Sep

Mantou had his 18 month check-up today and the pediatrician asked about Mantou’s allergies and eczema. I think his skin has cleared up a lot since removing the foods we tested for allergies. Even though some of the allergens like wheat and grapes were categorized low, we find that even a little bit of something like soy sauce triggers a little scratching – he’ll scratch at his arms, wrists and inside his legs. Those places on his body seem to be where the eczema remains.

Someone mentioned that 18 months can be a turning point for some kids with eczema. Mantou potentially can be rid of eczema by his teenage years. I don’t know why Mantou’s skin is looking better; it could be from restricting his diet to foods he’s not allergic to or it could be just that his little defensive antibodies are maturing. Fortunately his eczema is a mild case and can be treated with mild steroids and of course keeping those food allergies away.

At this point we’re not going to be running anymore allergy tests on Mantou. Maybe by age two we will reintroduce the foods slowly and hopefully it will not trigger a bad reaction.

We were inquisitive about giving him the flu shot because of his egg allergy but our pediatrician said that it was highly unlikely that Mantou would have an anaphylactic reaction. Mantou squirmed and tried to wiggle out of his immunization and flu shots but the nurse eventually was successful in administering them. Besides screaming loudly, he did not have a negative reaction to the shots. Now I should go and get that flu shot too. I actually passed up a free flu-shot because I was afraid the egg proteins passing through the breast milk would cause Mantou to get an allergic reaction.


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