Aw Shucks

20 Sep

This past weekend I met up with some friends in northern California for some fresh oysters. We were lucky that some people cancelled their reservations at Hog Island Oyster Farm so we could take over their picnic bench. It was a great day to be up there. All the kids were well behaved for the most part.

For the oysters, we had an option of getting them pre-shucked or shucking them ourselves. Since we had not experience shucking before we decided to start with half and half. Not too bad of a slow start we were able to shuck some of our own oysters. My husband was our official shucker and he did a great job! He became comfortable enough that we ordered even more.

I don’t know what oysters we bought but there were little ones, medium ones, and big fat juicy ones. The fat ones we had to put on the grill, but the others were all good enough to eat from the shell. We were well stocked – beside the restaurant providing the lemons and their vinegary sauce, our friend brought a homemade butter garlic sauce, and another friend brought the horseradish and cocktail sauce.  It was very delicious, I didn’t even know I liked oysters.

We also put a few fresh corn, peppers, zucchinis, and peaches on the grill along with some chicken wings. I couldn’t eat the zucchinis or chicken wings since the zucchinis had a garlic butter, and the wings were made with soy but the corn and peppers were sweet and the peaches were a fun touch.

It was a great experience and I don’t know why I never had done this before.

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