Woman on the Moon

12 Sep

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! There are a few stories about this day but I know the one about the woman flying to the moon. Based on Chinese folklore tonight represents the moon at its brightest because of the love between a husband and wife. The wife flew to the moon after consuming a magical elixer and was not able to return to Earth.  When the sun and moon align, the night sky is brightly illuminated because of their love. That’s the story, more or less. Tonight, Chinese families will be celebrating mid-autumn with pastries called moon cakes.

When I was growing up I only liked one kind of moon cake, the lotus paste with double egg yolk. I didn’t understand how my dad liked the nutty ones or the date ones. When I went to China as a language teacher, I received moon cakes as gifts too. I was given fruity and chewy ones. I had never had anything like those before while in the states.

This year I was thinking about making moon cakes but after reading recipes about how to make them, I decided it was one task too big. I didn’t have the moon cake presses and the appropriate ingredients. I will have to try to make them another year.

My family decided to celebrate the harvest moon one day earlier at my parents’ house. I was a little sad that I couldn’t eat the moon cakes but my mom wanted me to eat, so she cut off the pastry shell and eggs so that I could have a little bit of the lotus seed paste. I also shared some of the lotus paste with Mantou and he enjoyed it as well. No allergic reaction, so it was a good night.

Tonight, make sure you look up at the moon and give your loved ones a big hug and kiss.


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