Super Mantou Cart

31 Aug

Have you heard about the food trucks? These aren’t your typical taco trucks. There are trucks for many types of cuisine  (Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, American BBQ, Korean, Indian); foods (pizza, pasta, sandwiches); and desserts (cupcakes, cream puffs, ice cream, and creme brulee)! The best part is that these trucks come to you! Well, they come to downtown San Mateo every Monday for the time being.

Food carts were a popular thing in Portland, OR when I was there and they seemed to have bloomed last time I went to visit in May! In San Francisco there’s a whole movement called “Off the Grid”. It’s spreading like wildfire. There’s even a realty television show based on food trucks- The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network (which I haven’t seen).

One thing that my husband and I do before going to the food truck event is check in advance the line-up of carts available for that week. This being important because the vendors change weekly which is reasonable since they are mobile. We then go to the company’s Facebook page, Twitter account, or website to gather information about the menu and ingredients. We’ve been able to reach out to some chefs in advance too, so that’s been great. For the first week we went to Seoul on Wheels – got their chicken tacos and chicken plate. This week we tried the lemongrass chicken at Haiyaa. So we hopped onto the bandwagon and we’re enjoying this food truck craze!


One Response to “Super Mantou Cart”

  1. Jeanette September 9, 2011 at 8:17 AM #

    Love food trucks…when I was in San Francisco, it was such fun – wish there were some nearby!

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