Oops I Did It Again

22 Aug

I am really bad at planning ahead and asking food vendors about their menus and if there are ingredients that I could avoid. Today I had a craving for horchata. In my mind horchata is a drink made of three ingredients – rice, sugar, and cinnamon. I was pretty sure I was safe- who puts egg, wheat, dairy, or grapes in their horchata? It didn’t occur to me that in some recipes there is ground almond in the mix!  I didn’t even think about almonds. Based on my tastebuds though, I do not think my horchata had almonds in it, but I should have asked ahead of time before ordering the drink.

I’m not the only one that gets these forgetful moments. My husband recently had his own realization. First of all, yes, my husband has decided to join me on my new allergy-free diet. He does not nurse a baby, of course, so this new food choice is really his own choosing. I think that it’s a charming thing for him to do for his family. (When I think about it though, he actually did something similar like this before – he stopped being a vegetarian after he met me.) Anyway, last week on our vacation to Lake Tahoe, we decided to stop to rest our legs and let Mantou run around a bit. We got some drinks at McDonald’s. My husband ordered an iced latte. Right away I figured he was also “on vacation” from the allergy-free diet. But as soon as he finished it, a light bulb went off and he realized that he just had a drink with milk. He hadn’t intended to have a diet vacation after all.

By the way, did you know that some deli meats contain dairy? Here’s an article, Allergy-free alternatives to kids’ favorite foods, that I initially saw on msn regarding foods with hidden allergens. So it’s always a good thing to read labels or ask the chef!


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