Raw, Raw, Tofu in the Raw

17 Aug

I was still pretty lazy about cooking today so I picked up some Japanese food from Suruki Supermarket. After 6 PM they mark 50% off of their hot foods and sushi/sashimi. People line up out the door to get in on the action. This was my first time – we had just walked around central park.

The manager had warned everyone that they were not tolerant of pushing and shoving. I now know why… I cannot compete with the old Chinese ladies. They are pros! One lady was scoping all the food out while the owners were slashing the price tags. She was making commentary on what was what – then when it was time to attack the food, her friends each swarmed to their apparently assigned section and loaded their carts full.(One woman crawled out from under me to get to the sashimi – she should have been caught but alas she was quick).

But besides the little goodies I got from the supermarket I made a cold tofu dish out of tofu “noodles” using Tamari soy, sesame oil, chopped green onions, white pepper, and sesame seeds. Very simple and easy to put together quickly. Mantou enjoyed it and kept opening his mouth for more. My husband even suggested I buy two packages of the tofu noodles for the next time I make this dish so that we would have leftovers for the next day.

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