Side of Bacon, Please

25 Jul

Weekends, oh how I love to sleep in when I can. It’s even more awesome to have a hot breakfast with pancakes, potatoes, and bacon.  The weekdays are usually rushed – our typical morning ritual is to get Mantou out of bed, nurse him, get his dirty diaper off (unless it’s a poopy one then we try to change him first), get him his bath, slather him with lotion and topical steroids (for his eczema), put a clean diaper on, clothe him (usually in long sleeves because he scratches himself silly), let him run around a few minutes, then feed him his oatmeal. Yup, oatmeal is his breakfast food, about 99% of the time. No sugar added, just the whole grain oats. My little boy just gobbles this stuff up!

Some days I just want someone else to make me an elaborate breakfast, so why not go out and let that someone else do it? Well, as many times as I’ve gone to a restaurant serving breakfast, I’ve learned time and time again that it is not really worth going anymore. The only entrees on the menu that is available for my diet includes oatmeal and corned-beef hash. I eat oatmeal everyday so their stuff better be good. I guess if they offer steel-cut oats then it’s “okay”. Luckily I like corned-beef hash too. The rest of the items like fresh fruit, home-fries, bacon, sausage can be ordered on the side. Let’s pile on the sides then!

This past weekend we went to a restaurant in Carmel called”From Scratch“. I emailed them ahead of time to check what menu items they would be able to provide and as I listed above, those exact items were pretty much all I would be able to order. However, their food was absolutely worth it. Everything we ate was very good. I could tell that the corned-beef dish wasn’t the canned stuff and it was good to the last bite. It’s nice to know that I can still frequent breakfast serving restaurants, you just won’t be seeing me digging into the pancakes and waffles.

I know it is nice to go out but it is just as well to make a good breakfast at home. I can serve myself up with buckwheat pancakes or cornmeal waffles. No need to ask if there is eggs, dairy or wheat in that.

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