Making It Wok

18 Jul

The one ingredient that saved me! Yes, that’s a big statement but as a Chinese woman it’s one of those ingredients that just cannot be left out of the pantry. Can you believe regular soy sauce has wheat in it? When I read the ingredients on the soy sauce label, I just stared in disbelief. What am I going to do? I stir-fry everything with a bit of soy and and dash of sesame oil. I am lucky that Mantou isn’t allergic to sesame, phew!

I learned about Tamari very quickly and went to the nearest Asian market near me to find some. I spent a good 20 minutes in the soy sauce aisle reading all the ingredient labels on the soy sauce jars. It was a good day that day when I bought the Wan Ja Shan brand of wheat-free Tamari soy sauce, but when I went back to get another bottle after my first was almost depleted, I was met with a bottle 1/3 of the size that I previously bought! That would be used up in a few days! I could not believe they didn’t carry the large bottle anymore. Now I’m using San-J Gluten-Free Tamari which I buy from Whole Foods.

I make a lot of fried rice at home – minus eggs, and no matter what other ingredients I put in the wok, Mantou is there with his mouth wide open waiting to gobble it up. YUM!

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